Any restaurant that definitely wants to produce a good first impression should have a good-looking and at the same time functional website, urging its visitors to book a table.

That’s where the Elementor restaurant themes come in, offering quite an easy way to set up the process of building a visually pleasing and operational website, tailor-made for restaurants. The right restaurant theme will make your site clearly manifest the quality and style of your dining establishment.

In this article we dive into the world of Elementor restaurant themes, designed with all the modern features for multiple food-related websites. This collection include new 2024 updated themes. Whether you’re running a restaurant with a fine dining venue, a busy pizzeria, or a chic cafeteria, the perfect WordPress Elementor theme can truly make your website.

The themes presented below are not just pretty; they are complete solutions, featuring integrated food menus, reservation features, photo galleries, and even online ordering systems. These themes create a perfect balance between elegance and practicality to make your life of serving customers and getting new ones easier. Ready to find the perfect theme to spice up your restaurant’s website? Let’s get started.

Best Elementor Restaurant Themes

When choosing a WordPress theme for your restaurant website, always go for the one with features to add to the functionality of the website and increase the aesthetic beauty. Here are some of the features to look for to ensure your site looks good, operates smooth, and can make visitors book a table.

  • Menu Management: A dedicated system to showcase your menu items in an organized and visually appealing way, including descriptions, prices, and dietary information. Effective menu management tools are essential for providing clear and detailed information about your offerings, which can help in decision-making and improve the overall customer experience.
  • Online Reservation System: Integration with reservation systems like OpenTable to allow your customers to book tables directly from your website. This functionality adds convenience for your visitors, making table booking a hassle-free process at any time of the day.
  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the theme looks great on all devices is crucial since many users will access your site from mobile devices. This feature is vital as it adjusts the website to fit screens of any size, enhancing user navigation and readability.
  • Support for Multilingual Content: It’s important for restaurant websites, especially in tourist-heavy areas or diverse communities, to support multiple languages. This helps in catering to a broader audience, ensuring that non-native speakers can easily navigate and understand your offerings.
  • Customizability: Options to change colors, fonts, layouts, and more to match your brand’s style. The ability to tailor your site’s aesthetics to reflect your restaurant’s personality can significantly impact the first impressions of potential diners.
  • Fast Performance: Themes optimized for speed to provide a smooth user experience and improve SEO. A fast-loading website is crucial for keeping potential customers engaged, reducing bounce rates, and improving the overall functionality of the site.
  • Accessibility Features: Ensure that the theme complies with web accessibility standards to cater to all users, including those with disabilities. Features like keyboard navigation and screen reader support make your website usable by everyone, which is essential for inclusivity.
  • High-Quality Imagery: Features that enhance visual appeal with attractive layouts, photo-friendly designs, or full-screen headers. Captivating images are a core part of any restaurant’s marketing strategy, as they showcase the essence of the food and the ambiance, enticing customers to visit.
  • Social Media Integration: Seamless connections to your social media platforms to enhance online presence and marketing. This feature allows for easy sharing of your content, helping to increase your restaurant’s exposure and attract more visitors.
  • Regular Updates and Support: Choosing a theme that offers ongoing updates and reliable support is crucial to keeping your site secure and functioning optimally. Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies and WordPress versions, while professional support can help resolve any issues swiftly.

1. Dina

Elementor restaurant theme - Dina

Dina is a modern WordPress Elementor theme made for the restaurant industry. Perfect for cafes, bars, pizzerias, bakeries, and any food-related industry, Dina merges style with functionality, which enables easy management of your restaurant’s online profile.

The Dina theme offers 4 pre-made website designs ready to get started. A responsive design that ensures your website functions perfectly and looks fantastic on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. With the Elementor page builder integrated into Dina, you can easily customize every aspect of your site to reflect your restaurant’s unique ambiance. Simplify reservations with built-in forms or integrate OpenTable for seamless booking. Engage your customers with beautiful visual menus and take advantage of social media integration to enhance the dining experience before your guests even step through the door.

Pricing: $58.

2. Fidalgo

Elementor restaurant theme - Fidalgo

Fidalgo is designed with a thought to enhance the online presence of contemporary dining businesses. This WordPress theme, fully compatible with the Elementor page builder, is applicable for many dining locations, including elegant dining restaurants, cafes, seafood locations, cocktail bars, nightclubs, bistros, and more. Whether you’re showcasing a modern bakery, a sushi bar, a patisserie, a pizza parlor, or a steakhouse, Fidalgo makes sure it speaks your language and helps deliver the message clearly.

The theme is human-centered, engineered with an admin interface that ensures complete ease of use. Import the demo site with a single click and choose from 13 professionally designed homepages, as well as a large number of practical inner pages to get your website project off to a good start.

Pricing: $89.

3. Caverta


Caverta is an elegant and stylish WordPress theme created for culinary businesses. It works great for dining establishments like: opening cafes, steakhouses, patisseries, cocktail bars, bistros, pizzerias, modern bakeries, lounges, and seafood restaurants. Whether you run a well-known restaurant or are just making baby steps in the food industry, Caverta is your pick for making a sophisticated appearance on the Internet.

This theme brings you clean and modern features in design with many pre-designed layouts for your homepage, menus, reservations, and contact information. It would also provide beautiful gallery choices for all kinds of pictures of your culinary creations and the ambiance of your restaurant space.

Caverta ensures every detail can be customized to reflect your restaurant’s style, from typography to layout configurations, all through the user-friendly Elementor Page Builder.

Pricing: $58.

4. Dinenos

Elementor restaurant theme - Dinenos

Dinenos is a perfect WordPress theme for any restaurant owner and food enthusiast who needs an elegant and convincing online presence. Great at fitting any modern, responsive design, it serves restaurants, cafes, or other culinary businesses perfectly. Dinenos is designed to bring out your menu and culinary story without a hitch, drawing new patrons effortlessly.

Its flexibility is taken a step further with loads of ready-made templates that allow you to easily style various pages with content about your menu, contact details, and more about your establishment.

Dinenos also comes with support for WooCommerce, making it easy for you to set up an online store so that you can manage the sales of your merchandise or orders of food straight from your site.

Pricing: $59.

5. LaTulipe

Elementor restaurant theme - LaTulipe

LaTulipe is a modern restaurant theme catering to a wide range of culinary businesses. Ideal for bars, coffee shops, bistros, and more, it offers over 60+ pre-designed page templates to effortlessly create your restaurant’s online presence.

The theme comes with a dark layout and it includes 7 homepages, 9 food menu pages (with or without images and categories), 10+ portfolio pages, 7 gallery pages, reservation contact forms, and various other essentials. Crafted using the Elementor page builder, these demo page templates speed up the development of your restaurant site.

Expect exceptional support and prompt issue resolution. LaTulipe is not just visually appealing but also optimized for performance, making it the perfect solution for your restaurant’s digital presence.

Pricing: $59.

6. Heritaste

Elementor restaurant theme - Heritaste

Heritaste is a beautifully designed WordPress theme tailored for restaurants, bars, bistros, and other food-related businesses. It combines elegance and functionality, enhancing your cafe, pizza shop, seafood restaurant, or any other culinary venture, making it more appealing to your audience.

Heritaste offers an easier installation and customization process. The Elementor drag-and-drop interface helps you effortlessly build pages, position, and design your content without any coding knowledge.

One-click installation means your site is up and running in no time. The theme is ready to go out of the box with demo content, which you can replace with your own as you fine-tune the pages to suit your style.

Pricing: $39.

7. Romani

Elementor restaurant theme - Romani

Transform your dining place with Romani, the premium WordPress theme designed specifically for restaurants. This all-in-one theme offers everything, from customizable menu displays to integrated online ordering, all to empower your website.

With Romani, showcasing your signature dishes has never been easier. Its sleek design highlights your menu items, encouraging visitors to explore and order with just a few clicks. This seamless integration of browsing and ordering provides a smooth and pleasurable experience for your customers, making it easier than ever to manage day-to-day operations.

Pricing: $49.

8. Ravier

Elementor restaurant theme - Ravier

Ravier is the perfect choice for businesses that want to create a chic and modern restaurant website. With Ravier, you can easily create a website that will impress your customers and help you grow your business.

This WordPress restaurant theme comes brimming with a range of features that streamline the setup process efficiently. With a palette of 6 captivating homepages, diverse food menus, intuitive reservation and contact forms, immersive galleries, captivating team showcases, informative about and pricing pages, Ravier lays the foundation for a truly remarkable online presence.

Pricing: $49.

9. Fermentio

Elementor restaurant theme - Fermentio

Fermentio is an animated WordPress theme specifically developed for food and drink establishments such as breweries, wineries, pubs, and restaurants. Whether you run a sports pub, a bakery, a creative bar, or an organic food café, Fermentio provides a flexible and visually appealing platform to showcase your offerings.

Fermentio also supports e-commerce with integrated online store capabilities, making it a favorite for business owners looking to expand their online sales. It enables direct sales from the website, allowing users to sell liquor, food, or related accessories effortlessly. Additionally, the theme includes advanced features such as AI integration, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Pricing: $69.

10. Huka

Elementor restaurant theme - Huka

Huka is a modern WordPress theme, perfectly tailored for shisha bars, hookah lounges, and similar businesses. With Huka, you can quickly create a website that captivates and retains customers with its beautiful visuals and well-organized layout.

Whether you’re modernizing an existing hookah lounge or launching a new venue, Huka provides all the tools you need. Its SEO optimization helps improve your online visibility, ensuring potential customers find you easily.

Pricing: $69.

11. Savour

Elementor restaurant theme - Savour

Savour is the perfect opportunity to help you create a unique and exceptional online image for your café, bistro, or any other culinary business

Savour is highly flexible and easy to use. It comes with a range of pre-built demos specifically crafted for various dining experiences, from casual cafeterias to luxurious restaurants. This ensures that whatever your style or specialty, there’s a design ready to represent your business accurately.

Moreover, Savour simplifies site administration by incorporating features such as menu management and online reservation forms, making it easier to manage updates and changes. This lets you focus more on running your restaurant effectively.

Pricing: $39.

12. Broso

Elementor restaurant theme - Brosco

Step into the world of Broso, a WordPress theme designed for culinary experts. Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant owner, or a chef looking to carve out your niche online, Broso is your go-to resource. It showcases your culinary art, menu details, and services with a clean and sophisticated look.

Features at a glance:

  • Easy Installation: Set up is straightforward with a helpful guide.
  • Elementor Page Builder: Hassle-free customization.
  • Device-Friendly: Ensures smooth display across all platforms.
  • Diverse Homepage Layouts: Offers creative flexibility.
  • Theme Options range from typography to color schemes.

Pricing: $59.


Investing in an Elementor restaurant theme can significantly boost your restaurant’s visibility and improve customer interaction. These themes come presented above are packed with features tailored to the needs of the food industry, providing a solid foundation for showcasing your menu, hosting events, and attracting more diners. Choose the right theme from our top picks and start building a restaurant website.