Curious about using the magic of AI ( artificial intelligence ) for content generation in the WordPress platform? The creation of high-quality content is crucial for the success of online businesses and blogs. As the demand for such content continues to rise, the need for efficient and effective content creation tools becomes even more apparent. AI tools like ChatGPT have the ability to produce well-researched and natural-sounding content. There is a growing curiosity among users to explore these tools and their potential for enhancing content writing.

In this article we’ll explore 10 AI writer plugins ( free and premium ), for content creation in WordPress.

  1. GetGenie
  2. Aiomatic
  3. 10Web AI Assistant
  4. AIKit
  5. AI Content Writing Assistant
  6. AI Scribe
  7. AI Power
  8. Copymatic
  9. ContentBot AI Writer
  10. AI Content Writer & Generator

What is an AI Content Writer?

An AI content writer is a software program that uses artificial intelligence to generate written content. These AI-driven tools have the ability to analyze data, understand patterns, and mimic human writing styles. They can produce blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and even social media content. By leveraging the power of AI, content creators can save time and effort while still delivering high-quality content to their audience.

Benefits of Using AI Writer Plugins for WordPress

Integrating AI writer plugins into your WordPress site can offer several benefits for content creators. Firstly, these plugins can significantly speed up the content creation process. With the ability to generate content in seconds, you can produce a large volume of articles in no time. This can be especially useful for businesses or bloggers who need to regularly update their websites with fresh content.

Secondly, AI writer plugins can help improve the quality of your content. These tools are designed to understand the context and purpose of your writing, ensuring that the generated content is relevant and engaging. Additionally, AI plugins often come with built-in grammar and spelling checkers, eliminating the need for manual reviews.

Lastly, AI writer plugins can enhance your SEO efforts. By incorporating relevant keywords and optimizing your content for search engines, these plugins can increase your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic.

The Best AI Writer WordPress Plugins

1. GetGenie

GetGenie is an advanced AI content writer designed to enhance your content writing, SEO analysis, and competitor analysis. With its user-friendly features, this powerful tool can quickly generate blog posts, social media copies, email copies, and other marketing materials. It seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor. It’s free version allows you to generate 2500 AI writing words per month.

GetGenie AI Writer WordPress plugin

One of the standout features of GetGenie is its 37+ templates that can generate quality content and copywriting. It also offers trending and high search volume long-tail SEO keyword research and analysis, as well as competitor and SERP analysis data to guide your SEO strategy. By analyzing competitors’ blogs or content, GetGenie can generate finely-researched and unique articles.

Users can personalize their output by selecting a language, creativity level, and the number of results they want. They can also customize outlines and rewrite content for any heading using the content rewriter template. After adding the blog to their WordPress editor, users can measure the content quality using the content score feature.

Overall, GetGenie.Ai is an all-in-one AI tool that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to assist with various content writing and marketing tasks.

2. Aiomatic

Aiomatic stands as a revolutionary AI-driven premium WordPress plugin ( $59 ), with plenty of versatile functionalities, from conjuring AI-crafted posts to harnessing the prowess of an adaptable AI chatbot for your website.

Aiomatic AI Writer WordPress plugin

Its offerings are vast, from generating content en masse and auto-editing, to refining content sourced from RSS feeds. Seamlessly, Aiomatic aligns with other plugins, weaving in AI-curated content and establishing stable image projections.

But Aiomatic isn’t just about content creation. It’s equipped with AI-precision tuning, specialized embeddings, and handy AI shortcodes, backed by detailed analytics. Not to forget, its role as an AI SEO maestro, providing crucial insights, boundaries, detailed logs, and visual data interpretations.

Key Features of Aiomatic:

  • AI post creation: Generate AI-powered posts with various methods.
  • Bulk AI post creation: Generate multiple AI posts in bulk with different content generation methods.
  • Automatic content editing: Let AI automatically edit and enhance your existing content.
  • AI chatbot: Engage your visitors with a customizable AI chatbot for interactive experiences.
  • Integrated AI assistant: Add AI-generated content to other plugins for enhanced functionality.
  • AI SEO tool: Optimize your content with AI suggestions
  • AI audio-to-text converter: Convert audio files into text format with the power of AI.

3. 10Web AI Assistant

The 10Web AI Assistant is a free AI-powered WordPress plugin, designed to help WordPress users create, edit, and optimize content directly within their WordPress environment. It offers a range of features including content generation, editing, and optimization, all of which can be done 10 times faster than traditional methods.

10Web AI Assistant WordPress plugin

The AI Assistant is specifically tailored for the needs of WordPress users and can generate content, paragraphs, outlines, copies, and more, all within your Gutenberg block editor or Classic Editor. With over 20 templates and tailored prompts for different use cases, users can cut down on writing and editing hours while producing instant results. The outline generator provides users with ideas and outlines for various types of content such as articles, blogs, descriptions, ads, and landing pages. Simply input a few keywords or a sentence describing your article, and the AI algorithms will generate relevant outlines for you to quickly put together the content you need. What you should know is that the free version gives you access to all features, but you can generate just 2000 words per month.

4. AIKit

AIKit is a game-changing WordPress plugin that leverages AI technology to simplify content creation by automating tasks and generating high-quality content and images.

AIKit WordPress plugin

With AIKit, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence to create compelling content and stunning images. AIKit includes an Automatic Content Writer that effortlessly creates high-quality articles for your website. With this feature, you can generate articles in seconds and specify SEO keywords to optimize search engine rankings. The plugin provides flexibility in structuring the articles, allowing you to define the number of sections, section length, and even include an outline and conclusion.

Besides the AI content writer feature, the plugin offers a range of possibilities – enhancing your website with a Chatbot, crafting comprehensive paragraphs on any topic, condensing text into concise summaries, transforming language for better comprehension, and creating engaging marketing copy and attention-grabbing titles. It’s important to note that the use of GPT-3 and GPT-4, which are part of the API provided by OpenAI, incurs costs.

5. AI Content Writing Assistant

The “AI Content Writing Assistant” WordPress plugin is a valuable tool for bloggers, marketers, and content creators of all levels. You can use it for creating high-quality, unique content and stunning images with ease.

AI Content Writing Assistant WordPress plugin

It offers a range of features designed to save time and enhance content creation: 16 different content structures, 20 writing styles, and 41 writing tones. This allows users to create content that suits their specific needs and target audience. Other notable features include the ability to suggest and replace titles for previous posts or pages, generating page titles before content generation, and the option to add an introduction and conclusion paragraph to generated content.

6. AI Scribe

AI Scribe is an AI-powered content generator premium WordPress plugin. It utilizes the OpenAI API to create original and high-quality content, including both text and images. The tool is built with React JS, providing a sleek and user-friendly interface with instant-loading template pages.

AI Scribe WordPress plugin

AI Scribe offers over 20 templates for content generation, each requiring relevant information such as the topic, target audience, and key points. The output quality is directly related to the quality of the input, so the plugin provides clear instructions on how to optimize AI’s potential. These templates cover a wide range of needs, including blog posts, page content, sentence rephrasing/rewriting/expanding/shortening/summarizing, as well as sales copy and marketing content for web pages or social media.

AI Scribe aims to make creating quality content more accessible and affordable. Compared to other content generation tools like Jasper/Jarvis, Copy AI, or Writesonic, AI Scribe provides similar effectiveness while saving users hundreds of dollars annually.

7. AI Power

AI Power is a great WordPress plugin that utilizes OpenAI’s GPT language models to generate content, images, and forms for your website. It offers a range of features, including a Content Writer, Auto Content Writer, Image Generator, WooCommerce Product Writer, Audio Converter, and AI Training capabilities.

AI Power WordPress plugin

With support for 43 languages and customizable options for writing style and tone, AI Power provides numerous possibilities to enhance your website’s content. The plugin is seamlessly integrated into Posts and includes a Playground for testing. The plugin also offers integrations with image libraries like Pexels and Pixabay, image generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, vector databases for long-term memory in chatbots, e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Google Sheets for data management and more.

8. Copymatic

Copymatic is an AI-powered platform that allows you to create engaging and conversion-optimized copy and content quickly and easily. With Copymatic, you can generate various types of content, such as blog titles, intros, outlines, content, meta descriptions, FAQs, and copywriting formulas, directly from your WordPress dashboard. The platform also offers a plugin that enables you to import the generated articles to your WordPress website with just one click.

Copymatic AI Writer plugin

Using AI technology, Copymatic helps you save time and improve your content quality. By selecting a writing tool and providing detailed information about your product or topic, the AI generates unique and human-like content in seconds. You can even turn a short description into a 1,000+ word article with the long-form AI content writer feature.

Copymatic has been developed using the knowledge of content writers and conversion experts, ensuring that the generated content is of high quality. It has been voted as the AI writing tool with the lowest plagiarism rate (2%), guaranteeing originality in your content. By utilizing Copymatic for content marketing purposes and combining it with effective keyword research, you can expand your organic reach and dominate your niche.

9. ContentBot AI Writer

The ContentBot AI Writer offers a quick and convenient solution for generating ideas, inspiration, and content. With just a few clicks, you can access unique and original content that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to create product descriptions, blog intros, page headlines, or even brand names and slogans, our AI Writer has got you covered. It can also help with summarizing long content into concise copy, rewriting sentences, changing the tone of your writing, and much more.

ContentBot AI Writer WordPress plugin

By linking the WordPress plugin to the ContentBot AI Writer web app, you can seamlessly import documents directly into your WordPress site. This integration allows for a smoother workflow and greater efficiency in managing your content.

10. AI Content Writer & Generator

The AI Content Writer for WordPress is a user-friendly tool that allows you to generate AI-generated content based on a list of topics. With just a few clicks, you can have unique and creative articles at your fingertips.

AI Content Writer WordPress plugin

The plugin offers several features, including AI Articles Generation by given topics and the ability to receive one AI article per day with a free license code. If you need more content, there are extra premium packages available with no daily limits.

The AI Content Assistant is particularly useful for those who struggle to find article ideas or need a large amount of content quickly. It eliminates the need for extensive research and brainstorming by providing you with content ideas based on your selected topics.

Best Practices for Utilizing AI Writer Plugins Efficiently

While AI writer plugins can greatly simplify the content creation process, it’s important to use them effectively to maximize their benefits. Here are some best practices to consider:

  1. Set clear objectives: Clearly define your content creation goals and ensure that the AI writer plugin aligns with these objectives.
  2. Customize the output: Tailor the generated content to match your brand’s voice and tone by customizing the settings of the AI writer plugin.
  3. Proofread and edit: Even though AI plugins come with built-in grammar and spelling checkers, it’s still essential to proofread and edit the generated content to ensure accuracy and coherence.
  4. Use AI as a tool, not a replacement: AI writer plugins are meant to assist and enhance your content creation process, not replace human creativity. Use them as a tool to generate ideas and streamline your workflow.

By following these best practices, you can harness the power of AI writer plugins to create compelling, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.


AI writer plugins have revolutionized the content creation process, offering a range of benefits for businesses and bloggers alike. By leveraging AI-driven content tools, you can save time, improve the quality of your content, and enhance your SEO efforts. Whether you choose the 10Web AI Assistant, Aiomatic, GetGenie or any other plugin from the collection, integrating an AI writer plugin into your WordPress site can empower your content creation process and help you stay ahead in the competitive online landscape.